Server Assignation


The farm controller can act as a Gateway Server, redirecting users upon connection to specific application servers of your farm. You will be able to assign one or several servers to a user / a local group / an Active Directory group.
Important: Assigning servers only works from the TSplus Web Portal, and not with connection clients.

If the user has more than one server assigned, he will be able to choose which server he wants to access in the list of servers assigned to him.

If the farm is within a Domain, the Gateway will use his AD credentials and the user will connect with Single Sign-On (SSO).
Otherwise, he must have the same local credentials on each server.

Assign Application Servers to Users or Groups

To assign servers, please click on the "Assign Servers" button:

Screenshot 1-1

To assign a server to a user, simply select it with the "Select a User/Group" button and then check the server's checkbox in the "Servers" list.
To remove a server assigned to a user, simply uncheck the server's checkbox in the "Servers" list.

Screenshot 1-1

Important Notes

  • The example above is for a Domain or a Workgroup.
  • If you use a workgroup the users logins must be the same on each application server that you assign.
  • This Server Assignation feature can be configured and used simultaneously with the Load Balancing feature, allowing the farm controller to load balance on assigned servers. To do so enable the Load Balancing and check the option "Load balance on assigned servers".
  • If the Server Assignation feature and the Load Balancing are both enabled, unless the option "Load balance on assigned servers" in the Load Balancing configuration is enabled, the Gateway Server will redirect users to the least loaded server regardless of their assigned servers.

Example of what you will get when users connect to the Gateway

John can select the server. He wants and he will get an auto-logon to this server:

Screenshot 4-1

If he types a wrong password, John will have to retype his password:

Screenshot 4-2

Julia has a different list of possible servers:

Screenshot 4-3

Someone tries to hack the Gateway. He does not see any server and the Gateway blocks his web access.

Screenshot 4-4