Get Started with TSplus Remote Support

Step 1: Installing TSplus Remote Support on your computer

Installation is straightforward.

Just run Setup-TSplus-RemoteSupport.exe on the Windows machine you've chosen to use as the Remote Support Server.

Files are decompressed and copied into the folder: "C:\Program Files\RemoteSupport".

The Remote Support trial is a fully featured version limited to 15 days with 5 Agents.

After the installation, there will be a new icon on your Desktop:

Screenshot 1

Step 2: Using TSplus Remote Support

The TSplus Remote Support interface is now ready to launch and configure.

  • Start by configuring your Administrator password.
  • Then, create additional Agents accounts on the Web Console.
  • You might want to customize the product to fit your corporate branding.

Don't forget to activate your license and to update to the latest version! TSplus provides regular updates and feature additions for all their products.