Administrator Web Console


Once logged in, the Administrator is greeted by a simple set of menus that gives them full control over the support environment.

Aministrator Web Console 1

Administrator Settings

The first menu item is Admin Settings, these settings are detailled in the Settings > Administrator Settings chapters of this documentation.

Agent Accounts

The second menu item is Agent Accounts.

From this screen, the administrator can add, delete or edit agent accounts.

Aministrator Web Console 2

Let's click on Add New Agent to set the first one up.

Aministrator Web Console 3

Simply fill in the agent information and click 'Add'.

Aministrator Web Console 4

Your new agent is now ready to go.

Remote Computers

The third menu item is Remote Computers.

This page is also available to Support Agents and is detailled in the Agent Interface chapter of this documentation.