Installation over TSplus Remote Access

If you have installed TSplus Remote Support alongside TSplus Remote Access on the same machine and want to use the automatic certificate generation, you will need on:

TSplus Remote Access to:

  • Have TSplus Remote Access use port 80 for HTTP
  • Configure the TSplus Remote Access certificate

TSplus Remote Support to:

  • Configure the domain name and domain administrator email
  • Check "Auto generate SSL/TLS certificate"
  • Save
  • Restart the "TSplus Remote Support Relay" service


Depending on the port used by TSplus Remote Access, web port conflicts may arise as only 1 program at a time can listen on a given web port. As a result, you will have to choose which program uses the default HTTPS port (443). By default TSplus Remote Access will be on port 443 and TSplus Remote Support will select another port (491) when detecting 443 is already in use, so you will be able to access TSplus Remote Support at:

If you need to change HTTPS ports on:

TSPlus Remote Access:

  • Change it from the AdminTool > WEB > Web Server > HTTPS

TSplus Remote Support:

  • Change it from the Web Portal Admin Settings > Server > Relay Port

Again, we recommend you keep TSplus Remote Access HTTP port set to 80 in order to allow both TSplus Remote Access and TSplus Remote Support HTTPS certificate validation.