Product Overview

TSplus Remote Support in one sentence

TSplus Remote Support enables easy Windows Desktop Session Sharing for Support Agents to provide fast, effective support to their End-Users, no matter where they are!

TSplus Remote Support overview

Terminology and Architecture

The TSplus Remote Support Server can be installed on any modern Windows PC or Server.

The TSplus Remote Support Server is both your Web Console and Connection Relay.

It creates web-based Windows Desktop Session Sharing connections, with both Support Agents and End-Users participating via their preferred web browser, seamlessly using the Remote Support Client.


The Remote Support Server is usually installed near your ISP’s Router.

A NAT (Network Address Translation) rule redirects the HTTPS ports (default value is port 443) from the external IP to the LAN IP of your Remote Support Server.

In this configuration, your Remote Support Server is the only system exposed to Internet.

Remote Support also supports Public DNS (Domain Name Services) and CA or Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificates.