Activating your license

Open the TSplus Remote Support interface and click on the License tab.
Then, click on the "Activate your License" button:

License Screenshot 1

In order to get your Activation Key, connect to our Licensing Portal and enter your Email Address and your Order Number:

Download the Customer Portal User Guide for more information about how to use it.

Your activation key will be displayed at the top of the dashboard:

License Screenshot 2

You can then enter this activation key and click on “Next” .

License Screenshot 3

License Screenshot 4

Check one or more items and click on the “Next” button. Please note that you can activate several products at the same time by checking several products/support!

License Screenshot 5

All your products/support are now activated (in this example, both TSplus with support and TSplus Remote Support have been activated at once).

License Screenshot 6

Refresh your License Data by clicking on the corresponding button, it will synchronize information with our Licensing Portal:

License Screenshot 7

License Screenshot 8

Thank you for choosing TSplus Remote Support!