Administrator Password Lost


After installing and configuring TSplus Remote Support, administrator cannot remember his account username and/or password.

No other user having the administrator role, global settings cannot be changed and agents account cannot be managed anymore.

Fix Overview

You can create a new administrator account by editing a record in TSplus Remote Support internal database, thus forcing the product to go through its post setup configuration step and asking for details in order to create a (new) administrator account.

Please understand that after the record has been changed in the database, any visitor browsing to TSplus Remote Support Web Portal will have the opportunity to create an administrator account. Only the first visitor validating the form will create an administrator account.

We highly recommend you disable public access to your TSplus Remote Support portal before following the steps below, for instance by enabling a firewall.

Resetting to post-install step

Download and install an SQLite database editor, for instance SQLite Studio.

Run the SQLite database editor and open TSplus Remote Support internal database, usually located at this location: "C:\Program Files\RemoteSupport\webportal\remotesupport.db".

Open the "settings" table:

FAQ Administrator Password Lost 1

Locate the row with the "name" value at "issetupdone" - it should have the "yes" value.

Replace this "yes" by a "no":

FAQ Administrator Password Lost 2

Click on the green mark toolbar button to "commit" (i.e. apply) this change in the database:

FAQ Administrator Password Lost 3

Creating a new Administrator account

TSplus Remote Support is now back at its post-install step.

Browse to TSplus Remote Support Web Portal home page: it will display the same form displayed after the first installation on the server:

FAQ Administrator Password Lost 4

Please enter the details to create a new administrator account.