Advanced - Product Settings

The Product tab allows you to add a PIN code to the Administration Tool:

Product Settings 1

Product Settings 2

Click on Save. The PIN code will be required the next time you will start the Administration tool.

You can also contribute to improve the product, by sending anonymous data (enabled by default):

Product Settings 3

The following data will be collected in case of a Ransomware attack:

  • TSplus Advanced Security Version.
  • Windows Version.
  • Suspected files'paths that lead to the ransomware attack.

Modifying the Computer nickname is also possible:

Product Settings 4

The Data Retention Policy defines the period of time after which TSplus Advanced Security events are removed from the database. A backup is performed before each database cleanup. This policy is defined in minutes.
Default data retention policy is 259 200 minutes, i.e. 6 months.

Product Settings 5