System Audit

TSplus Advanced Security offers a System Audit located on the AdminTool dashboard.

The icon on the System Audit button turns red when an issue has been found. Please review them carefully.

System Audit On Homepage

When you click on the system audit tile, you can see that it monitors:

  • TSplus Advanced Security service is running.
  • TSplus Advanced Security has access to the internet and is allowed to check for updates.
  • TSplus Advanced Security main programs exist.
  • Windows Firewall is enabled. This audit rule is not checked should Advanced Security be configured to use the built-in firewall.
  • Logging is disabled.
  • Windows minimum password length is greater than zero.
  • Guest account is disabled.

Screenshot System Audit 2

Fixing Minimum Password Length issue

The Minimum Password Length audit rule is implemented to alert administrators that an account may not have a password, which make intrusion very likely to happen in case the machine is facing the internet.

Screenshot System Audit 3

Please modify the minimum password length on your server, under Local Policy/Account Policies/Password Policy, to fix this major security issue:

Screenshot System Audit 4