How to install a Volume License Server in one step?

To install a Volume License server in one step, you will need to:

  • Download the Product Setup program
  • Use your Volume License Key
  • Run the Setup program with your Volume License Key as a parameter

Your Volume License Key is the same one for any installation of any new server. If you do not remember it, connect to your account in the License portal. Your Volume License Key is displayed at the top on the home page (Licenses).

To install and activate a Volume License from a script, run the following command line as an elevated Administrator:

Setup-TSplus.exe /volumelicensekey=VOLU-MELI-CENS-EKEY /users=unlimited /edition=Enterprise /supportyears=3 /activatesecurityaddon=Ultimate /comments="Your comments" /verysilent

The scripted activation using Volume License 2020 is available for the following products and all their rebranded versions:

  • Remote Access
  • Advanced Security (aka RDS-Knight)
  • Server Monitoring (formerly Server Genius)


This command takes the following parameters:


Scripting Methods

To start Setup-PRODUCT.exe with its correct command line you can use 3 methods:

  1. Use your own management scripts methods
  2. Create a shortcut of Setup-PRODUCT.exe and edit the properties to add the command line at the end of the path.
  3. Simply open a "Command line" by pressing the Windows key and the "R" key simultaneously, then typing "cmd" and pressing the "Enter" key to confirm. This method with the keyboard shortcut is working on every existing Windows version at the time of writing of this document.
  4. Once the prompt appears, change the current directory to the directory where is found your setup program (usually your Downloads folder). For instance, type:

    cd C:\Users\admin\Desktop

And finally type the full command to run the setup program with the following parameters, supplying the desired values:

Setup-TSplus.exe /volumelicensekey=VOLU-MELI-CENS-EKEY /users=unlimited /edition=Enterprise /supportyears=3 /activatesecurityaddon=Ultimate /comments="This is a comment" /VERYSILENT