Advanced Features - Product


On this tab, you can modify TSplus settings by adding an AdminTool Pincode, use the Windows RDS role and customize the background color and language of the AdminTool.

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Administrator Pin Code

The Administrator can secure the Administrator Tool access by setting a pin code which will be asked at every start, on the Advanced tab of the AdminTool, under the Product Settings:

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Use RDS role

Multi-session role and Windows RDS role are not compatible. You can either select the Windows RDS role, or TSplus Multi-session role.

  • When using Multi-session role, the Windows RDS role must be uninstalled.
  • When using the Windows RDS role, this Windows role must be installed.

WARNING: changing role requires to reboot the system. When selecting the Windows Remote Desktop, only one user at a time will be allowed on a workstation system.

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To use the Windows RDS role, select the "Yes" value and Save.

Modify the AdminTool Background color

Customize AdminTool's background color using an hexadecimal code (for example: 0xFFFFFF).

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Modify the AdminTool Language

Select your preferred language for the AdminTool among the 21 available.

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