RDS-Knight On-line User Guide



Users Whitelist

The Users Whitelist tab gives the Administrator the possibility to add/remove users from the whitelist.
Users on the whitelist are ignored by RDS-Knight and their settings will not be applied.

The user who downloaded RDS-Knight is automatically added to the Whitelist:

Settings 1


On the Programs tab, you can _add programs to the list of allowed programs, that won't be checked by RDS-Knight Ransomware Protection.

Settings 2

Click on the "Add Application" button to add a program. You can also remove them by selecting application(s) and clicking on the Remove Application(s) button.


On the Advanced tab, you can configure the product, the Bruteforce Attacks Defender and Homeland functionalities.

  • The Product tab allows you to add a PIN code to the Administration Tool:

Settings 3

Settings 4

Click on Save. The PIN code will be required the next time you will start the Administration tool.

You can also contribute to improve the product, by sending anonymous data (enabled by default):

Settings 5

  • The Homeland tab allows you to add or remove Processes that are watched by the Homeland Protection feature.

Settings 8

Settings 9

By default, the HTML5 service is watched.

  • The Bruteforce tab allows you to ignore Local and Private Ip Addresses if you wish to, by changing the default value from "No" to "Yes".

Settings 6

Settings 7

  • The Working Hours tab allows you to schedule and modify a warning message before the user is logged off.

Settings 8

You can configure the warning message schedule in number of minutes before the user is automatically disconnected. By default, it is set to 5 minutes.

Settings 9

Modify the Warning message at your convenience, with placeholders named %MINUTESBEFORELOGOFF%, %DAY%, %STARTINGHOURS% and %ENDINGHOURS%, which will be respectively replaced by the current number of minutes before the session closes, the current day, the current day's starting and ending working hours.

Settings 10.

  • The Logs tab allows you to enable or disable service and functionalities logs.

Settings 8

Enable or disable RDS-Knight service and application logs, which are respectively the global configuration service that runs in the background and the log for the Application interface.

You can also enable logs corresponding to the respective RDS-Knight features : Bruteforce Protection, Homeland and Ransomware protection services logs. They are disabled by default.